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Rosemary Hydrosol

Natural rosemary puree extracted from rosemary leaves by steam distillation.

It is clear and transparent, with rich natural rosemary aroma.

Natural weak acid nutrient water,easy to absorb, and contains rosemary essential oil to clean and nourish skin.Quality commitment: no addition,no blending.

Product standard name:

Rosmarinus officinalis leaf water

Inci Name: Rosmarinus officinalis(Russia) leaf water

Applicable to:

Essence water,toner, spray, facial mask, all kinds of cream lotion, hair care products, etc.

Recommended dosage:

5-100% recommended dosage. It can be added according to the actual situation.

Storage & Expiry Date:

keep away from light below 20 ° C. The shelf life is 18 months. It shall be used within 3 months after opening.