Honsea Sunshine Bio-Tech has established a complete quality management system, including standardized physical and chemical laboratories, analysis laboratories, microbiology laboratories, sample retention rooms, etc., and is equipped with professional quality inspectors and system engineers. Over the years, the company has maintained and passed ISO9001 certification, iso22000/haccp certification, fssc22000 certification, SQF certification of American Food Safety Association, kosher Jewish Food certification, halal halal certification, and European and American organic certification of seabuckthorn oil.

The company has established a stable raw material supply guarantee system to make full use of genuine plant resources. In cooperation with local governments and farmers in Guangdong, Guangxi, Hunan and Sichuan, seven raw material bases have been established, including jasmine, white orchid, rosemary, Ligusticum chuanxiong, Magnolia officinalis, Sea-buckthorn and pomegranate seeds, to ensure the full supply of high-quality raw materials in the production area.

The company is committed to providing customers with 100% safe products. Therefore, it has developed a strict quality management system to strictly control all links in the production and processing process, especially the key control points. The product quality has been widely recognized by customers. In 2013, Honsea Sunshine Bio-Tech won the "excellent quality performance award" issued by Wrigley China.

R & D Team
Luo An Dong, the founder of Honsea Sunshine Bio-Tech, began to engage in the research of supercritical extraction in the 1980s. He is one of the personnel of Chinese units studying supercritical extraction technology. He has participated in the development of China's 200 liter industrialized supercritical extraction production equipment, undertaken a number of government scientific and technological research and technological innovation projects, and applied for many patents and articles on supercritical extraction technology, It has accumulated hundreds of experience in supercritical extraction of plants. At the same time, Honsea Sunshine Bio-Tech has a stable cooperative relationship with many famous enterprises and large multinational enterprises at home and abroad, and has rich experience in cooperative development of new projects. Strong R & D strength ensures the rapidity of new product development. We can develop better and newer products according to your needs.
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Doctor And Master Patent
Honsea Sunshine Bio-Tech new R & D center was put into use in 2009, the R & D center covers more than 6000 square meter, we establish closed partnership with famous institute: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, South China Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Sciences Guangzhou Institute of Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Kunming Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Jinan University Chinese medicine and natural medicine institute, shenyang pharmaceutical university, South China University of Technology, Sun Yatsen University, we form a strong team with national famous professor, experts, scientists with PHD and Mater degree, Honsea owns three standard bioengineering R & D laboratories, laboratories are equipped with Physico-Chemical, Content, Microbial Detection Instrument, Ultimate 3000 High Performance Liquid Chromatograph(HPLC), 7890II Gas Chromatography, Spectrophotometer, Incubator, azotometer, Clean benches, water bath, Brookfield viscometer, Homogenizer, rotary evaporator, muffle furnace. Strong R & D capability allow us to shorten the development cycle, we are in a better position to provide more new products to our customers.